Shipped: New and improved Makelog


These last few weeks, we've been laser-focused on shipping our app redesign. The new app redesign includes a revamp of the public facing Makelog page, a simplified app experience, and a much more streamlined Editor for your product update writing pleasure :-)

🆕 What's New

  • New public page look and feel! Our new layout for public pages was inspired by modern changelogs, but still incorporates helpful elements from our old layout, such as search, filter, and sort capabilities.

  • New editor built on Rich Markdown Editor: we've transitioned to a new editor that's more flexible than our last editor!

  • Now, we support Markdown and several new formatting options for code snippets, images, quotes, and various tool tips, like these:

Now you can add these types of info blocks!

Here's a tip

🛠️ Fixes and improvements

  • Simplified the editor screen so post metadata, such as labels, visibility (internal or public), and publish date is now shown above the notepad instead of on separate tabs

  • Added the ability to Autosave posts

  • Fixed a bug where Autosave required a unique post Title in order to save

Let us know what you think of the new look!

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