Aug 21, 2023
✨ Settings overhaul
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New V2 Settings page


Makelog V2 users can now update their organization, payment, and Changelog page details in the newly redesigned Settings pages!

A quick tour of Settings

Organization - update your company's logo and name, and invite new teammates.

Billing - see your invoice history and plan details

Changelog - personalize your hosted public page. Add a custom domain, change theme colors, add a new title, and manage your users' email subscriptions

API - generate an API token to update Changes in Makelog

  • Added new "API" tab for easy access to API documentation and configuration settings
  • Update Settings page with modernized design for improved user experience in V2
  • Added Changelog branding customization page
  • Added Billing page that now displays more Stripe information for easy access and seamless payment management
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