Aug 21, 2023
New & improved Makelog
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Introducing Makelog V2

The latest version of Makelog helps PMs easily see what's done-done, quickly generate a summary of Changes, and easily publish to their Changelog with just a couple of clicks.

What's exciting

  • Changes + The Change Feed: the easiest way to know where something's at - ever think to yourself, "This issue is marked as in-progress, but WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!" We give you the concept of... a Change! A Change ties together the issue status, the environment it's been deployed to (think: staging, prod, etc.), the type, and whether it's customer-facing or not. Changes populate the Change Feed, the easiest way for a PM to see exactly where a given Change is at!

  • Augmentative AI translates issues into something Business People understand AND helps you triage what's ready for release - Makelog applies augmentative AI to create titles for Changes using your Jira, Linear, and Shortcut issues to make them more human readable! We also use AI to infer the type (if it's not already on the issue!) and whether or not it's a customer-facing Change

  • Makelog Releases: the faster, easier, and funner (yes, funner) way to write change communication - it's easier than ever to create release notes, changelog posts, or status updates now with our all new Releases functionality! Releases works beautifully with Changes: all you have to do is select the Changes from the Change Feed you want to release, hit "Release," and voila! Makelog automatically populates the list of Changes at the bottom of your post.

    • Want to curate it further? Go right ahead! Our new Release editor supports markdown and inline images so you can tell the story you want to tell, without spending an eternity writing up every single Change.

Let us know what you think!

  • Ability to generate a token for using our API to update Changes
  • Slack alerts based on updates to Changes, like environment or status updates
  • New feature: Introducing the "Billing" tab for easy access to bill management.
  • Change Feed shows AI-augmented, human readable product Changes
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