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Aug 21, 2023
New & improved Makelog
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Introducing Makelog V2

The latest version of Makelog helps PMs easily see what's done-done, quickly generate a summary of Changes, and easily publish to their Changelog with just a couple of clicks.

What's exciting

  • Changes + The Change Feed: the easiest way to know where something's at - ever think to yourself, "This issue is marked as in-progress, but WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!" We give you the concept of... a Change! A Change ties together the issue status, the environment it's been deployed to (think: staging, prod, etc.), the type, and whether it's customer-facing or not. Changes populate the Change Feed, the easiest way for a PM to see exactly where a given Change is at!

  • Augmentative AI translates issues into something Business People understand AND helps you triage what's ready for release - Makelog applies augmentative AI to create titles for Changes using your Jira, Linear, and Shortcut issues to make them more human readable! We also use AI to infer the type (if it's not already on the issue!) and whether or not it's a customer-facing Change

  • Makelog Releases: the faster, easier, and funner (yes, funner) way to write change communication - it's easier than ever to create release notes, changelog posts, or status updates now with our all new Releases functionality! Releases works beautifully with Changes: all you have to do is select the Changes from the Change Feed you want to release, hit "Release," and voila! Makelog automatically populates the list of Changes at the bottom of your post.

    • Want to curate it further? Go right ahead! Our new Release editor supports markdown and inline images so you can tell the story you want to tell, without spending an eternity writing up every single Change.

Let us know what you think!

  • Ability to generate a token for using our API to update Changes
  • Slack alerts based on updates to Changes, like environment or status updates
  • New feature: Introducing the "Billing" tab for easy access to bill management.
  • Change Feed shows AI-augmented, human readable product Changes
Aug 21, 2023
✨ Settings overhaul
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New V2 Settings page


Makelog V2 users can now update their organization, payment, and Changelog page details in the newly redesigned Settings pages!

A quick tour of Settings

Organization - update your company's logo and name, and invite new teammates.

Billing - see your invoice history and plan details

Changelog - personalize your hosted public page. Add a custom domain, change theme colors, add a new title, and manage your users' email subscriptions

API - generate an API token to update Changes in Makelog

  • Added new "API" tab for easy access to API documentation and configuration settings
  • Update Settings page with modernized design for improved user experience in V2
  • Added Changelog branding customization page
  • Added Billing page that now displays more Stripe information for easy access and seamless payment management



Do more with your changelog entries and RBAC


Changelog entries just got better!

You can now add both a cover image and inline images to each entry. Descriptions are more dynamic with support for rich text, markdown, and inline images. Simply click in the description box to view the menu and add whatever you like.

Do you have Team members that only need to see the changelog while others need to create and make changes to it? Teams can now assign Editor or Viewer roles to each person depending on their specific needs. Editors can create and publish changelog entries and access most Settings options. Viewers can keep up to date on your changelog without extra access to areas that they don’t need to worry about. Update  RBAC in your Team's settings today!

Nov '21


Video Embeds and RSS subscriptions


What's Changed

  • You can now embed videos in your posts! You can either access the video option from the menu, or paste a valid video link in the editor.

  • Users can now subscribe to your changelog via RSS!

  • You can now customize a url to filter on specific labels by adding them to the query string. For example, if you wanted to share or bookmark a link to my changelog that would only display posts labeled "Feature" or "Improvement", you can use a link of the form,Improvement

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where refreshing the post editor would remove the post id from the url

Feb '21


We shipped new integrations!

So excited to share that we've now shipped two more Data Source integrations: Linear and GitHub.

Now, you can import your merged PRs in GitHub or issues from Linear for streamlined sharing of product updates!

What's New


  • We also added the ability to see your Data Source sync status now when you connect a Data Source!

We hope our new Data Source integrations make it easier for our users to keep track of everything that ships!